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Filter Press - SF45mhc


Portable Agitators are used for smaller applications where the flexibility of a clamp-on application is required.

Side Entry Agitators are a flexible and cost effective method of agitating larger tanks. They include a range of features ensuring that they are easy to maintain on site and are available in a wide range of configurations.

ChemPlant Top Entry agitators are custom designed to meet your process requirements in a cost effective manner avoiding problems with over or undersized equipment.

Bottom Entry Agitators are a flexible and cost effective method of agitating larger tanks. They include a range of features ensuring that they are easy to maintain on site and are available in a wide range of configurations.

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Burners - Oil/Gas

We supply a range of Hamworthy burners.

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Burner Parts

We supply a range of burner parts.

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Butter Processing

Butterchurn FJ 10: This small and handy churner is suitable for home use. All parts that come in contact with the cream are stainless-steel, so they are easily cleaned. To ensure optimal quality, the 10 litre cream container should be filled with between 1 and 4 litres.

Butterchurn FJ 32: With a motor power of 370W, the capacity of this device is outstanding. Depending on the temperature (or fat content) of the cream, the process takes between 20 and 35 minutes. After this period, the churner stops automatically. A large ‘viewcover’ allows you to monitor the entire process.

Butterchurn FJ 100 C: A powerful 1100W motor allows you to process 15 to 50 litres of cream in a single, quick and easy process. Diverse speeds allow you to control and influence the output quality. After completion, the buttermilk can be drained easily by the outlet.

Visit the manufacturer’s (Janshitz) website

CIP Cleaning Heads - Low Pressure

LPR-Series: These versatile tank cleaners are engineered for efficiency. They are designed to be compact and high impact due thanks to slow rotation speeds.

LPS-Series: HAKE spray balls are designed to clean a wide range of materials with many tank types. They are defined by their high quality of workmanship and wide variety of models.

LPO-Series: Providing 3D jet-cleaning over a defined length of time, the LPO series guarantees safe and high-quality tank cleaning. Designed specifically for use in large tanks, these spray heads can also meet high hygienic requirements.

Visit the manufacturer’s (Moog) website

CIP Cleaning Heads - High Pressure

E-Series Electronic Drive: Ideal for cleaning jobs where an electric motor can be used as the drive for the spray head. A wide availability of spray heads allow for infinite uses. A fantastic price-performance ratio accompanies consistent rotation speeds and easy maintenance.

H-Series Water Hydraulic Drive: The H-Series models use the force of water to power their spray heads. Featuring low weight and easy maintenance, these hydraulic drives offer very high levels of safety.

A-Series Air Motor Drive: Ideal for cleaning jobs where a pneumatic motor is used as the drive for the spray head. Operating without an electric drive, these cleaners improve your operational safety levels while allowing a variety of rotation speeds.

Swivel Nozzle ERS-40: This high-pressured cleaning device can be installed permanently to stationary cleaning equipment. Doing so allows you to efficiently clean defined surfaces with consistent quality. The ERS-40 swivels in a predefined range and provides a fully adjustable radius of action.

Tank Mount: This clever tank mount holds your tank washer in position during cleaning. Installation is quick, safe and only takes a few minutes. The spray head can be adjusted at any time within the mount. Available for all current tank makes.

View the manufacturer’s (MOOG) website

Cheese Manufacturing

Cheese Press FJ 2/50 PCP: This cheese press allows forms to be created in an easy way using air pressure. The large working surface provides ample space for the cylinder-press to shape your cheese.

Cheese Making-Hobby Set with Press: This starter kit includes everything you need to get going in the world of cheese making. It consists of 1 wooden cheese press, 2 plastic cheese moulds with cover, a cheese mat, 2 small thermometers, 1 cheese rennet 50ml, 1 bag cheese culture frozen dried, 1 bag yogurt culture frozen dried and 2 instructional books.

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Cream Separators

FJ 350 EAR: This medium sized cream separator is one of our more popular standing models. Offering separation speeds of up to 350 litres per hour, a strong motor capacity (250W) together with electronic ‘slow start’ functionality guarantees quiet operation.

FJ 600 EAR Longlife: The name ‘Longlife’ refers to the separator’s closed-motor operation, which ensures no contact with water. The motor has no brushes, allowing it’s lifespan to be virtually endless. Within just 30 seconds, the full operating speed with a capacity of 600 litres per hour is reached.

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Demister Pads

We offer a range of mist eliminator pads in a variety of materials and pad styles.

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 10.40.10 AM

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Kneading Machines

Kneading Machine MX-20 This handy mixer has been designed to safely mix all kinds of meat. It can be operated manually or connected to an electrical grinder of 3/4HP or larger. A large handle facilitates the piecing while an all stainless-steel make-up allows for easy cleaning. A corrosion resistant plastic lid keeps your food safe.

Kneading Machine Type 40/70/120 This machine is built to knead meat and dough and features and automatically stops when opened. A large 40/70/120 litre capacity ensures your meats are efficiently produced. INOX built containers are both able to swivel and tilt.

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Meat Mincers

Meat Mincer INOX Electric TS12 This highly efficient meat mincer’s body is made entirely of pressed cast aluminium alloy. It features a worm drive, self sharpening knife, an efficient and durable induction electro motor, and an INOX punching plate. The funnel and collecting container are made of stainless-steel.

Meat Mincer Electric Type 12 INOX/160 Elegant This model corresponds to CE norms. It’s body, worm drive, hasp nut, funnel and motor cover are manufactured using AISI 304 stainless-steel. A single-phase motor drives this machine.

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Multi Purpose Pasteurizers - Closed

P50 EC Multi-Purpose Cheese Yoghurt Pasteurizer This energy-efficient, premiere model recycles a small portion of water to heat it’s large, 100 litre tank. A heat exchanger delivers quick results, while less water consumption ensures a longer life-span of the heating element. This closed system can reach 100 degrees Celsius allowing you to produce cheese and yoghurt.

P50 ECP Multi-Purpose Cheese Yoghurt Pasteurizer Same features as the P50, except with an added temperature printer.

Visit the manufacturer’s (Janschitz) website 

Multi Purpose Pasteurizers - Standard

P200 Multi-Purpose Pasteurizer: This 3-wall pasteurizer easily produces soft cheese. By using the frequency regulator, you can also set up the speed of the mixer.

P200A Multi-Purpose Pasteurizer: Like P200, but with program steering for different cheese production settings.

P200AP Multi-Purpose Pasteurizer: Like P200A, but with an added temperature printer.

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Nut Harvesting and Processing Equipment

We import high quality:

  • Walnut Shell Removers
  • Stone Separators
  • Walnut Washer Machines
  • Nut Sorting Machines
  • Nut Drying Machines
  • Hazelnut and Walnut Cracking Machine

View the manufacturer’s (Feucht-Obsttechnik) website

Paddle Mixer - Single

Our single paddle mixers offer very fast mixing times, quick discharge and between 30 – 5400 litre mixing capacity. Large hatch doors allow for easy internal inspection.

Visit the manufacturer’s (Chemplant International) website

Paddle Mixer - Twin

Our twin paddle mixers offer fast mixing times, minimal shear damage and produces a very accurate mix. It is also an ideal machine when liquid addition is required.

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Centrifugal pumps allow for the rapid transfer of liquids. A simple operating mechanism ensures reliability and easy maintenance.

We offer a variety of impeller pumps that alternate in size and flow rates. Our newly developed ‘Phoenix’ pump features a continuous pulsating flow and ensures gentle treatment of the material being transported. Built to last, these pumps have many applications.

Progressive cavity pumps are designed to handle sensitive mediums, even those containing fibres and solid content. Well engineered rotor systems ensure that your content is handled carefully and without disruption.


The Rotosolver is the ultimate high shear mixer for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing industries. It can be used for liquid dispersions, dissolving / hydrating powders and other difficult mixing applications.

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RTF4 Hydrofoil

The RTF4 has been hydrodynamically developed to reduce power consumption by transferring the available energy into pure axial flow without turbulence, thereby maximising that flow and minimising shear at the impeller.

Visit the manufacturer’s (CEM International) website

Sausage Fillers

Sausage Filler Star 5/8: Can contain up to 7 litres of sausage meat. Their operating cylinders are made of stainless-steel, are watertight and easy to clean and feature anti-wear metal gears. The pistons are equipped with vents and silicone gaskets, while the aluminium gear-block self-lubricates. Rubber feet allow for a perfect grip to your work bench and a variety of withdrawal speeds give you control over the output.

Sausage Filler Mod. 10 Deluxe: This filler holds capacity of up to 10 litres. Not only is the watertight cylinder made of stainless steel, but also the rack, sides, nuts and bolts. An aluminium gearbox pushes the piston speed for faster filling.

Sausage Filler Mod. 7V/10V Deluxe: These advanced fillers offer price-competitive capacity. A 90 degree angle of output allows the mixture to leave the stainless steel cylinder without interacting with residues during processing. Filler’s are mounted to a very solid base and function via a back mounted handle.

Hydraulic Sausage Filler Type 20 This filler is specifically designed to fill meat into casings that will produce sausages and salami. Granting a large 20kg capacity, this device must be placed flat and connected to a proper AC outlet that meets the correct specifications.

Visit the manufacturer’s (Janschitz) website

Slicer / Meat Slicer

Meaty LUSSO 195 GL CEV: This slicer is capable of cutting foods between 15 and 17mm thickness. The shaft holding the blade is mounted to a double ball-bearing. A professionally ventilated motor guarantees smooth operation.

Meaty LUSSO 220 GS CE: Featuring a 140w motor, this machine can slice foods with a thickness of up to 14mm. The base is cast in lacquered aluminium, while the blade cover, food tray and movable panel are made of anodized aluminium.

Meaty LUXOR 22 CEV: This slicer includes a ‘Teflonblade’ that is especially useful for the precise cutting of cheeses and breads. The blade is made of hard-chrome and features a fixed protection ring. This machine can slice foods with thickness between 15 and 16mm.

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Tower Packings

We offer a range of tower packings in a variety of materials and styles.

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Vacuum Chamber Machines

Designed to meet your low-medium volume packaging needs, our ‘Meaty’ range offer internal heat-sealing capability that ensures your product is air-free and ready for distribution. Models allow for up to 10 programmable settings, and many include printer kits.

View the manufacturer’s (Janschitz) website

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Magic Vac Models: A range of vacuum packers that are designed to conveniently store your meats. Features include extra wide heaters for reliable sealing, ability to quickly marinate foods, extended sealing times for wet foods, and ‘instant seal’ to avoid crushing delicate foods.

Meaty Models: These heavy-duty models are energy-efficient and feature stainless-steel bodies. They offer manual and automatic function, digital displays, external filters and the ability to vacuum in jars.

Visit the manufacturer’s (Janschitz) website for more details

Vinegar Fermenter, Measuring and Control Equipment

Cetotec vinegar fermenters are designed for standard batch (semi-batch) fermentation for the production of wine and cider vinegar. The control panel is Touch Screen and operates all the valves, motors and pumps. The Cetotec Alcocontrol continuously measures the alcohol content and calculates the time of discharge.

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Vinegar Foam System

The Cetotec foam system ensures thorough and at the same time energy-saving removal of foam as well as foam producing substances in your vinegar fermenter. This guarantees a higher and more stable fermentation performance while saving energy.

Visit the manufacturer’s (CETOTEC) website

Wastewater Treatment

Our water aeration systems are built around our in-house designed and manufactured mechanical aerators. These are installed within the system as either conventional bridge mounted units or floating assemblies. Designed for longevity and minimum maintenance, they also offer very economical power consumption characteristics.


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Water Filtration System

Romfil Crossflow-Water water filtration systems are easy to install, operate and clean, come in a range of capacities and have a compact design. Their low cost automated processes use no dusty filter aids and operate at a low cleaning temperature with no need for steam.

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